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To Veto or Not to Veto

By D.C. based attorney who wishes to remain anonymous The United States is placed in a very precarious diplomatic position with the current U.N. Resolution before the Security Council  The Resolution, proposed by Lebanon and backed by all 14 members … Continue reading

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Is Judeo-Christian Philosophy a Farce?

The term “Judeo-Christian” has alway been particularly troubling for me.  Christianity can claim a kind of philosophical lineage to Judaism by virtue of Jesus being a Jew.  However, after Paul’s missionary journeys throughout the Mediterranean, Christianity was no longer one of many Jewish factions … Continue reading

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Settlements and the Morality Gap

When society makes assumptions, it is valuable to recognize them and in some cases negate them.  For instance, the global political environment has made the assumption that, with regard to Israel, indigenous groups are the only ones that can make … Continue reading

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Non-International Armed Conflicts and the Gaza Blockade

In Opinio Juris, Kevin Jon Heller authored an interesting article titled, “Why is Israel’s Blockade of Gaza Legal?”  The article is well thought out and addresses many of the issues facing the legality of Israel’s actions in the Mediterranean.  Heller … Continue reading

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When Semantic Change is Anti-Semitic

Semantic Change is the process through which the meaning of words changes over time.  Societies are not static and cultures utilize linguistic flexibility to suit new beliefs or redefine the way we perceive the world.  Consequently, our dictionaries get larger … Continue reading

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