Muslim Brotherhood and the Irrelevance of Government Type

The media is exploding with new revelations about the potential connections between Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Socialism.  As the Muslim Brotherhood pushes itself into government building in revolutionary Egypt, the implications of socialist expansionism in the Islamic world have moved to the forefront of our worries.  At the moment, though these accusations might be substantiated, they serve as a red-herring.  At the outset, the lines should not be drawn between Islamo-Marxism and Islamo-McCarthyism; they should be drawn pro-Israel or anti-Israel.  For a perfect democracy, with 100% voting populace and perfect representation that wishes for Israel not to exist, will by the power vested in it by its populace make war with Israel.  At this juncture, with regard to Israeli security, the government type supported by opposition groups in Egypt is irrelevant, if at the conclusion of government creation an anti-Israeli stance is taken.

The following two examples evidence the argument outlined above:  Hamas in Gaza and the Yemeni Socialist Party.

Hamas was democratically elected, having swept the elections in Gaza.  If we take democracy as automatically good, Gaza seems to be a blaring discontinuity.  Furthermore, had Gaza accepted a socialist government type, would they have been more or less capable of harming Israeli’s?  Given that the military might of Hamas was given to them by Iran, not won through economic development, it seems that government type in Gaza was either irrelevant, or as a socialist government Hamas would have been even less efficient, as socialist governments are not exactly a stalwart of economic development.

The Yemeni Socialist Party, alongside Muslim Brotherhood, forms the opposition party in Yemen.  However, prior to the Yemeni Unification, the Yemeni Socialist Party was the ruling faction in South Yemen.  Under this government, Yemen celebrated a 30% female literacy rate, 50 year life expectancy at birth for men and an Air Force of only eight aircraft.  They were hardly a threat.  Furthermore, it was in unified democratic Yemen that Al-Qaeda found a safe haven.

So why did Secretary of State Hilary Clinton tentatively support Muslim Brotherhood involvement in negotiations?  If the accusations are correct about Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Socialism, and if it is certain that a burgeoning government in Egypt will be anti-Israel regardless of government type, then why not let them accept the least successful form of government available which ultimately leads to failure, socialism.  Why would we support democracy, a type of government which expands economies and militaries, in a country that threatens our allies?

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1 Response to Muslim Brotherhood and the Irrelevance of Government Type

  1. Peter Frock says:

    Consider this possibility. Perhaps, from a long-term point of view, it would be a good thing for one of Israel’s enemies to gain strength and rise against her as a Democracy.

    Instead of continuing to face endless, fragmented challenges around its borders, Israel would then be forced to pursue a real resolution. Often times, war leads to peace. If a large, powerful, democratic nation challenged Israel, there would be no gray area in identifying its enemy. It would not be a terrorist organization working with a neighboring government, which is often the case. Hamas, a terrorist group that is a recognized government by many, is not as powerful as Egypt. Therefore, Hamas has not possessed the power to force Israel into a war-like resolution. However, a nation like Egypt could indeed force this type of resolution, should they choose to again rise up with the mission to annihilate Israel.

    Whether she intends to or not, Hilary Clinton may be representing the best interest of Israel.

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